Monday, July 25, 2011

The Ultimate Eye Kit . . . .

We have just added the Ultimate Eye Kit to our shopping cart on our web site.This unique kit includes one pair of eyes (can choose our High Quality, Standard or Economy eyes), our high quality eye tray with 2 forms of attachment, and one pair of our quality styrene winker shells. You can of course purchase any of these items separately as well. We have used these on our professional finished figures for a number of years and save a lot of time when building a figure.

The eye trays with eyes can also be used for setting into the clay on a head sculpt to establish the eye distance and make for more accurate sculpting around the eye areas. Then when that figure is cast, you can use this same eye tray in the finished head and the eye distance from center to center will be perfect in the eye sockets! Cool beans! (grin) Saves a lot of time and fiddling.

Although I show the use of screws for eyeball pivots in my book as one way for figure makers to install eyes on an eye tray, and that works pretty fair. . . , that has never been my preferred method of installing eyes. Smooth brass rods with with smooth brass sleeves acting as a bearing surface (inside the eyeball) makes for a very smooth operating eyeball pivot and will essentially never wear out in the figures that you make. And if you buy eyeballs at the same time you buy an eye tray, we will professionally install the brass sleeves inside the eyes for you at no additional cost! Can't beat that!

Here's where you can find the Ultimate Eye Kit (scroll down the page).....

The response to the Ultimate Eye Kits has been very good so far. Got quite a few orders on these. I better get busy!

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