Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winkin', Blinkin' and 'Sparky'!

Sorry to have been so quiet here. It's surely been interesting and challenging. Both my wife Cathy and I are doing some better now, and are making progress in getting caught up. Thanks to all who have shown their concern!

When our character 'Sparky' first came out, he was not available with winkers, blinkers, nor our higher end mechanics. He is now available with all of the above. Actually he was added to our High Quality line of figures in November 2012 to help make that possible.

It was kind of a no brainer, as we were getting constant requests from customers who wanted to order 'Sparky' with winkers. People were chomping at the bit. He's a great character, even without, but they REALLY wanted winkers!

So we listened, and made him available with winkers as well as our higher end mechanics. And it is a very good thing. He really comes to life when equipped with 2 control winkers as is evidenced in this short Youtube video clip that he stars in.........

  As you can see, his full personality real comes to the fore with the addition of the 2 control winkers and the higher end mechanics (they are fast, slick, quiet and easy to use). And with a little finesse using the controls, you can get expressions that are difficult to get without winkers.

I hope you enjoy the short video clip. 'Sparky' sure enjoys being a ham, as you will see! If you want more info on 'Sparky' you can find it here.........

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