Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Happy Customer. . .

Below is a picture of Sparky just before he headed off to customer Frank Conenna in New York. I always worry about these little guys until I've heard they have arrived safe and sound. Here's what Frank had to say to my wife (Cathy) and me (Mike Brose):

"We picked Sparky up from the post office today. I wanted to tell you that he looks and works great! I could not be more pleased. You are a true artist. He was worth the wait. You have absolutely gone beyond my expectations. I am very happy to have found you both in my pursuit of a ventriloquist figure. Again, thank you both. If you ever need me to provide a reference or feedback regarding my experience, please do not hesitate to ask me.

With Regards,

(I made an extra body for Frank. One body has the regular stuffed feet that come standard, and the other body has bare feet, as shown below. Having 2 bodies makes it very easy for costume changes)

Thanks to Frank for all the kind words. We do aim to please, and we hear about it often from our customers. But it is always nice to hear it again.

Monday, January 6, 2014

A peek inside the process. . .

A peek inside the installation of an upper lip sneer in a professional ventriloquist figure's head. A customer and good friend requested this animation for his figure order (he ordered awhile back and just finished his figure recently) and I wanted the challenge of installing this animation in this particular character head, as there is limited space inside our popular Fred head. Here's the figure on the workbench......

I took several snapshots along the way while building this figure, per our customer's request, and took some video footage as well and put together a quick glimpse of the process, that is now up on our YouTube channel. Click on the link below to see the video. Enjoy!