Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fred with more than a facelift. . . .

   We often have customers send in photos of their finished figures that they've made with our cast parts. One of the most recent ones was quite impressive. Customer Scott Brekken was quite ambitious and turned one of our 'Fred' heads (and other cast parts) into a beautiful 'Mortimer' figure. He really did a nice job on this. . .

   Customer Scott Brekken says: "The Fred figure castings are like a blank canvas for an artist. It is easy to shape, contour or add to the figure. As you can see I changed the eyes, cheeks, jaw, lips, eye brows and ears using Apoxie Sculpt, sand paper and a Dremel tool. Super easy to work on and mistakes were easy to correct as well. Your book and Al Stevens web site were great resources. I took a different approach on the mechanics. Although "Mortimer" has only a moving jaw I kept both the eye tray and the jaw removable so I can change things and make adjustments or additions down the line. (Maybe blinkers, crossing eyes and a stick out tongue!)

   I plan on making my next figure for and with my son Jacob. Thanks for a great kit! I have always wanted a full sized professional vent figure and now I have one." Scott Brekken

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