Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sorry guys. I've gotten busy with so many things here that I've neglected posting to my blog.

Our customer 'Gene Ellis' writes: "You are a talented man and I am soooooo proud, I've been showing him (Sparky) online to my friends, they love him! So thanks one last time, your awesome Mike!!!!!!!"

Gene also called us yesterday to say, "I just wanted to give a long distance 'hug' and 'high five' to you and your wife Cathy. I can not express the joy that the figure is bringing to people, especially children at the shows I'm doing. I'm so grateful to you and Cathy for what you do!" That was a nice call to get! And here's a couple of photos Gene sent us not too long ago after receiving his figure. Sparky is getting ready to go on Safari.'

It so nice to hear from our customers after they have received their figure. I put my heart and soul into each and every figure that I make, so such nice comments make it all worth while!

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