Monday, October 7, 2013

Fred on the Workbench

Like many other figure makers, when a figure is completed, I will spend some time making sure everything is working as it should before the figure gets sent out. And as you'll see, when I do this, I pretty much always end up making the figure talk a little. Yes, as the saying goes, "I talk to myself a lot, and work with dummies all day long!"

The professional ventriloquist figure shown in the video below, is made by me, Mike Brose, of Puppets and Props, and has moving mouth, side-to-side self-centering eyes, raising eyebrows, and one-control blinkers (which means one control closes both eyelids at the same time). 

We of course also offer figures with two-control winkers (like the figure in our Sparky video on YouTube), which can close each eyelid individually or both at the same time. Here is the video clip of Fred on the Workbench getting a little mini workout with his controls......

To find out more about Fred and to see some of our other quality figures, you can go here on our website......

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